Rival Gears Racing Cheats Tips Guide Android iOS

Rival Gears Racing Cheats Tips Guide Android iOS

Race Head to Head in this unique high speed action racer. Compete alone or as part of a team against others in high stakes leagues and events. Bet big to win big.
Do you have what it takes to beat the best? Racing Online Challenge the real players in an exciting adrenaline fueled race in the streets of the busy city. Betting game race for glory and fortune and become a real high roller.Choose from a wide range of stunning walks, each with its own classic lines combined with stylish future hairstyle. These are cars like no other.Victory UNITE
Sign up or create a Team Pro and play with old friends and make new ones. Get exclusive benefits to help friends, and work together to become the best team in the world. WIN EVENTS
Participate in exciting events and win big! Get your hands on exclusive cars and liveries, as well as boxes of candy and wealth. Improve and personalize your car
Push your car at best by upgrading several of its modules Рin addition to a distinctive look with paint jobs and superb livery.  Clean streets
Compete for the grass on the dynamic campaign map and unlock cars, lobbyists, events and bonus points – but keep your back because annoy some people in the process.

Race for the right price

When you compete in the multiplayer aspect, there is a betting system in place. Think of it as your entry to join the race. You can also make your own career with the amount you are willing to wager. Let’s just say you can only compete for $ 2000 and make a game for her. When a person enters the room, he goes to the races. You can also reach other rooms that have pre-defined price. One thing you should do for now is run at an appropriate price. Do not go for the race of the price range in Gears Racing Rival when you can not go back yet. If you feel safe and have the right amount of resources left over and then go for the higher priced racing challenges. Keep in mind that you are competing with other people so you are not going to be as low as your computer enemies.

Play the single player campaign

One thing you can do is run through the single player campaign. Doing this is good as it allows you to practice your walking moves. The single player campaign also rewards you with money and other things. This is good if you are short of money, then race against computer enemies to get the money to participate in multiplayer races.

Racing friends

There are some ways you can run it with friends. It can be a nice career so no money is involved. Think of it as a single race of friendly competition. There are some ways you can run with friends as a team. It competes with others to ensure that you and your allies riders get the first places to win the race.

Customize Your Car

Of course, one aspect of the game is to unlock more cars. Different cars have different attributes, so it is your job to unlock as you can get some of the best cars around. Then you can also customize the look, but above all parts of your car to improve the attributes and performance of the car.

Observe your reputation

Apart from money, you will win and lose reputation Rival Racing Gears. If you lose reputation it means that you can not enter some races until you recover it. It’s a non-financial thing, but it’s vital for you to access certain parts of the game. The good thing is that you can only regain reputation the longer you earn a career.
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Rival Gears Racing Cheats Features :

  1. Unlimited Cash
  2. Unlimited Gems
  3. Unlock UKKO T1
  4. Unlock MERLIN GT
  5. Android iOS PC Platform
  6. Easy to use interface
  7. Antiban protection

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