Mario Super Run Tips, Guide, Cheats

Mario Super Run Tips, Guide, Cheats

A new kind of Mario super run game that you can play with one hand.
In this game, Mario super run  cheat ever motion forward through the courses while you use a diversity of jumps to navigate. Mario super run ios will behave differently depending on the timing of your taps, so it’s up to you to show off particularly smooth motion, gather mario super run coins, and reach the goal.
Internet connectivity necessary to play. Data charges may apply.
World Tour.Run and jump with style to rescue Princess Peach from Bowsers clutches!
Travel through plains, caverns, Ghost Houses airships, castlesClear 6 worlds filled with 24 brand-new courses designed for one-handed play!
Access to all 6 Worlds subject to purchase.Show off Mario super run how to stylish motion, compete against your friends and challenge people from all over the world.
A challenge mode where the competition differs each time you play.Compete against the stylish motion of other players for the highest score as you gather coins and get cheered on by a crowd of Toads. If you’re impressive enough, the Toads may even come live in your kingdom. You can also perform stylish motion to fill up your gauge and launch into Coin Rush!
In order to play Toad Rally, you will need Rally Tickets that you can acquire in a diversity of ways, such as clearing worlds or through bonus games in your kingdom.

Kingdom Builder

Gather coins and Toads to build your very own kingdom.Create your unique kingdom with buildings and decorations that you acquire with the help of toads gathered in toad Rally.There are over 100 kinds of items in the Kingdom Builder feature!

On Thursday, Nintendo did something very different; It launched its first favorite game for IOS. Chances are you already have it. So without further ado, here are the best Super Mario Run, tricks, tips and tricks.

If you have not yet downloaded the game, you may wonder what Super Mario Run is like. It was developed by Niantic, the same company behind Pokemon Go. She first landed on IOS, but sometime soon it will be available to Android users as well. You should not expect a complete Mario world on your mobile phone. Instead, you get one type of runner game. You know the type; Which are ten a cent for iOS and Android.

So if you have not got it, go to the App Store and make it free. However, there is an in-app purchase of $ 9.99, which will unlock the full features of the game. But if you just want to play the following free game tips, tricks and tricks will help you.

The series Super Mario jumps tips

Mario Super Run Tips :

Jump at the right time

While our description of the game as “non-participant” downplayed reproduction, it must be said that Nintendo and Niantic were able to add a bit of complexity, even though he played with a finger.

If you have played games before a runner, the character will auto-run and touch the screen to invoke the action. However, this ratio is slightly more complicated because there are many different ways to touch the screen, all of which allow for a different action such as a high jump or spin. For example, press for several seconds and then slide Mario moves a little back.

Also, it is very important that you jump at the right time. The main skill involved in the game is waiting; This will allow you to jump and avoid obstacles.

Tips : Use Planning Pause Blocks

When you move through the game, that at some point is to pause in blocks. You will know when you have them as they are the red blocks with the pause symbol clearly on them. As the game is running, it is also about planning ahead so you can use these pause blocks to rest and plan your next move.

Tips : Find Challenge coins

As with all previous Mario games, coins have a special purpose in Super Mario Run as well. They are called the challenge coins in this game, and at the beginning of the game, they are pink. Your pickup will earn you more points. However, the most important thing for them is that the more you have, the more you can boast about how well you are in the game.

On the other hand, as you move through the levels, the coins change color. Once you have five, you will change purple color, then black and so on.

Tips : Not all symbols are the same

In creating the game, you will most likely choose your favorite character, and there is nothing wrong with it. However, choosing different characters will give you access to their abilities, which means that those who like Yoshi and Peach have different LEAP styles compared to Mario, you will get to the places, just not able to do so.

Use the rotation in mid-flight Capture the flag

At the end of most Mario levels, a catch of the flag and Super Mario Run is different. You probably already know that jumping to the top of the flagpole and grabbing the flag is usually not easy. However, in this game, it is likely that you will be able to do that fairly quickly. When it gets even more complicated is that when you skip what you need to perform the long jump. To do this, press and hold the screen. Then click the screen to spin in the air. This will allow your character to avoid any bad guys down and increase your chances of completing the level.

Super Mario Bowser upper section

Tips : Finding employer weaknesses

Every three levels will be raised against the boss. To overcome him / her it is necessary to find a weakness; To do this, look around at the level of everything that can help you to use it. For example, when you face Bowser, you will have to do an ax fall on the bridge when you were in it.

Tips : Hit a few blocks at a time

A good trick is to use your character to hit the two blocks at the same time. To do this, line up Mario or you’re using time use and then connect two blocks in the middle down. If you do it well, you can sometimes be rewarded by getting potentiating mushrooms.

How to Beat the Boom Boom

Boom Boom is one of Bowser’s henchmen, and will come out against her during the game. Unlike Bowser, it’s slightly mobile so it’s slightly more complicated. One way to defeat him is to use.

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