Galaxy Reavers Tips, Guide, Cheat Tool

Galaxy Reavers Tips, Guide, Cheat Tool


Slide your fingers on the screen to aim at enemies and fire at will! This is the essence of the intense battles!
Survival mode, rescue and escort missions will always keep it surprising and interesting!
Victory depends on your split-second decision-making!
Collect 25+ pieces of equipment and customize your warships to fit your playstyle, create truly unique fleets!

About The Game and Graphics

There are 8 types of ultimate warships to collect and use in your fleets. Think wisely as this choice will change battle outcomes!
3D battles with detailed warship graphics will make you feel like a true galactic fleet commander!

 Galaxy Reavers tips

Galaxy Reavers is a new space battle RPG game for IOS and Android platforms. You take control of a fleet of ships and battle across a wide area, moving and handling equipment on ships in order to maximize their effectiveness in battle. You can load their ships with components including them and send them into battle against rival fleets by planets and solar systems while earning coins and Khorium. Read on for some tips and tricks for Galaxy Reavers!

Eveey time to find a new element in the battle, go to the yard and equip one of the spaces of the ship. If you do not have any blank space, but is strong or less element, you can unequip weak or common element to make room for him. As they level boats can equip more and more items, so do not lose sight of when new spaces are open in their boats.

If you get stuck on a level, go to an older level and play again. Do this if necessary for booty and more experience, so that you can equip that booty. Once is enough, go to the new level and try to beat him again.

Rational use of the skills of the boat can make the difference between victory and defeat. Touch your ship while in flight, to see what the range is. Once the enemy ship is within the scope of his ship, his ability to throw strikes and especially in the case of the cruise to make a large amount of damage. Wait cool to go and then do it again, and looking back and forth between their vessels to keep tabs on their cooling times.

For more Khorium free, go to the application store shopping and click on the option that says “See more listings of free Khorium”. This is the premium currency of the game, and you can use it to buy new warships, weapons packages and other extras. You can also click the “gift” to view video from a free gun. Press Deliveries every eight hours to score Khorium and gold coins free.

You can attach only a limited number of vessels of their fleet at the same time. If you exchange a ship on the other hand, take all the added equipment to the old ship and put good things in your new ship. Everything you want to get rid of the coin can be sold.


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