Dead Ahead Zombie Warfare Cheats Tool Unlimited Coins iOS

Dead Ahead Zombie Warfare Cheats Tool Unlimited Coins iOS

Dead Ahead: Zombie Warfare is available on iOS.

Try to destroy the item as soon as possible

There is no dead time limit Ahead: Zombie Warfare, but zombies will not stop until they destroy the point. The wave will not end unless you do it yourself. Now sounds of course simple, but it can be difficult later. The number of zombies could be bigger or the points are harder to destroy. However, you should try to destroy as quickly as possible. There are some zombies that you think will be dead from the dead, so it is a nuisance. Remove these items as fast as you can before you invade.

Descend this special weapon

There are a number of weapons or special items that you can use in the game. Aside from troops can use something like a barrel to get into a zombie. These things do not cost whatsoever what you need to call the troops. If you miss you missed an item. You get then make sure you get these special weapons a number of them per level.

A call to the forces of law

You can unlock more troops as you level increases. With regard to convocation, each band takes a different amount of value. It is vital for their points of courage to be used sparingly as early as possible. The more zombies you kill, collect more value. When it comes to recalling the troops, you have to mix and match what you have when you are on a wave. There are those forces that are effective at one level and those that are not. Just find what works and does not work. Remember to update your favorite troops of the battle to make them stronger.

Beware of Zombies

We mentioned that there are a number of zombies being able to come back from the dead. There are zombies moving later much faster and much stronger than usual. This goes back to our troops tip if you choose to put in the field. Learn to adapt to zombie specialties to get rid of them faster.

Unlock new areas

When you open new areas, you use gas to do so. If you run out of gas, you have to wait in real time to recover. If you want to unlock several zones know dead Ahead: Zombie Warfare is good to do it in a series. Not only unlock zones by chance, because you want to do something instead of unlocking nothing, but an arid desert.

Meet the new series of postapocalypse Zombie Dead Ahead!

pixel art hungry walking dead are your own flesh and blood! Remain calm and stay fit! Drive your bus through infected areas, gather supplies, look for survivors, kill zombies!

ZOMBIE fever

Defend your bus, do not let the hungry horde eat the living! Breaking roadblocks in the way! Gather your surviving troops and send them into battle, use all you can to carnivorous seem to stop – burning the rest and died with barrels, Molotov cocktails and grenades.

USE YOUR Brain not lose CEREBRES

Combining different types of units and use defensive and offensive tactics to win. Remember – your enemies will do the same.

Improve your skills and equipment to live

Collect items, gain experience and complete missions to improve their units and vehicles.

What awaits:

* Blood and guts action and strategy game with a sense of humor 🙂
* Huge world with many places
* Many survivors and zombies units
* Updates, exceptional items and optional missions
* FUN! ”


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