Castle of Legends Cheats, Tips Android iOS

Castle of Legends Cheats, Tips Android iOS

Castle of Legends is a multi-player online fantasy MMO SLG where you must construct a castle, recruit legendary heroes from different eras and save a land devastated by a catastrophic catastrophe.
In a dark and mysterious land of knights, castles and legends, a failed experiment unleashed an unprecedented catastrophe, opening a fissure in time and making scary monsters appear and vandalize its castle. As the lord of the castle, you must rebuild your castle, exploring the great changes in the world around you!
Build houses with unique features: Rebuild the different layers of your castle and bring the kingdom to its former glory in a building castle simulator like you’ve never seen it. Carry out your castle the way you want it! Train your heroes and put them to work, ordering them to develop new objects and explore the world, while killing all sorts of evil monsters along the way.
Develop your army of legendary heroes: Collect legendary heroes of all time and space. Legends rental like Einstein and Nobel to help rebuild the castle, while King Arthur and champions like Zorro explore the world! Who is your favorite hero? Collect them all!
Heroes Update the craft and epic equipment: artisans orders to collect the ore in the mine, forming caravans, build teams and perfect items! Level your favorite heroes!
Beat your opponents in Frantic PvP: capture flying players resources and occupy strategic points on the world map! The gold rush is on! Dash in battle and challenge other players in a wide range of impressive PVP mode, and crush everything in his attempt to become the king of sand and a legend in his own right!

Embark on an adventure that travels through time: forest elves, dwarf realms, abandoned castles, icy plains and more. Explore the magical lands of legends and famous clashes with hundreds of monsters and evil kings along the way! There is a world out there to explore mysteriously, so prepare your heroes and get ready to go! Discover the secrets of the era in a super fun RPG story that extends through time and space, and create a legend of their own in this incredible new game!
Castle of Legends is one of the best battle strategy games on the iOS and Android platforms. His goal is to bring together a cast of heroes and army troops, conquer the world in isolated battles, searching through a seemingly endless series of difficult dungeons, and fight his group of heroes against rival teams in the field. On the way you can win a lot of treasures, from the common (mana and gold) to the rare (HB or badge of honor) for rare real (Fragments and Hero diamonds). It is a very in depth game, so it is difficult to choose only ten top tips, but nevertheless we have been able to do so.

Place the buildings as close as possible.
To do this, in order to completely Castle of Legends surround their buildings with walls without having to build as many walls as they would normally. This also allows you to build walls so far away from buildings, making it more difficult for troops to shoot at a distance above the walls of Castle of Legends.

Create conditions to increase your hourly opinion of Castle of Legends.
Build the sand and will automatically start earning a certain amount of plaque honor per hour. You start earning 50 at a time, but this increases your range of combat sand. The best player can win thousands per hour. Use the Castle of Legends Cheats to hire more heroes in the Heroes’ Altar.

Increase your township level as fast as possible to maximize the size of your army of Castle of Legends.
The more you level up the Castle of Legends, military camps and more hero fields you can build, which will dramatically increase the size and power of your army. Send in larger armies than you can each time you fight, as it saves more troops this way, and winning the numbers game is the greater part of the battle.

Use your four main types of troops strategically so you can easily win.
There are four main types of troops: The short attacking amount that has little or no living space, the amount of long-range attack that takes up a little ‘more room to live, than magic that does heavy damage, but has a low Health, and tank that has a massive amount of health and is aimed at defensive structures.

Send in the previous warehouses to distract the watch towers.

Then send in the amount of long range or short attackers. Finally, send your users magic to provide long distance coverage.

Castle of Legends aspire to a guaranteed victory in battle.
If the town hall is destroyed, it is won, no matter how much damage is already done. Otherwise, you need at least 50% of the damage. If you need a quick success and you want to keep the troops, then end the battle right after the destruction of the town hall and you can move on to the next battle

Castle of Legends Features:

  1. Add Unlimited Crystals
  2. Add Unlimited Gems
  3. Android iOS PC Platform
  4. No Download Required
  5. No JailBreak

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